Why did the studio have to close for the month of August?

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On August 3rd, I was going to watch my daughter coach her 4/5 boys soccer team at Kinsmen Park in Peterborough and had an accident walking to the game.  I stepped in a hole at the edge of the field that should have had a wooden barrier in it, and fell.  With the help of a few citizens, my husband was able to get me into the truck and drove me to Emerg.  After 1 1/2 hours of waiting to get triaged, I was finally seen & given some meds.  The pain was incredible.  Six hours later I was on my way home with a cast on my left ankle and a tensor bandage on my right.  I couldn't put weight on either foot.

The next day I was scheduled to have an operation on my left ankle.  Because of the type of break it was I had to have a screw & plate put in.  That night I went home with meds and a wheel chair and spent three weeks getting around the house this way.  

One week ago I had the plaster cast removed and an air cast put on.  I no longer have to use the wheel chair thankfully.  At least now I can get around using crutches but my badly sprained right foot is taking all the abuse now and becoming aggravated again.  I can only put a little weight on my left leg.  

That is the reason that I chose to close the studio and cancel all the River Relaxing evenings that I had planned.  

I am going to try to open the studio once again.  The times are Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 10am to 1pm.  I am keeping the hours short for now but hope to increase them once I am a little more mobile.  

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