Kinki Amibari Knit Ornament Kit with Mini Mitten & Mini Charm, Green Label

Kniki Amibari Co. Ltd.

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A elegant and eclectic Mini Ornament Kit that is sure to brighten up and lend a touch of holiday cheer to the interior of any room! 

 This breathtaking knitting kit from Kinki Amibari is exactly what every stitcher will be hoping for under their tree! Encased in a lovely and eco-friendly package with a handmade feel are the tools and patterns you need to create a precious mini mitten and fabulously festive little charm. The holidays have never been happier than with Kinki Amibari

This Set Contains:

  • Single Pointed Needle - 4.5cm x 2
  • Double Pointed Needles - 2.5mm (US 1.5) x 5
  • Rubber Band
  • Yarn (10g)
  • Mini Mitten Blocker
  • Mini Mitten Knitting Pattern
  • Mini Charm Instructions

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