Accurow - 3 counting devices for crochet

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Accurow - 3 counting devices for crochet

Never lose your count again!

The best ways to count crochet rows & never lose you count again.

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My name is Minda and I learned to crochet when I was 12 years old.  I stopped doing it but then picked it up again when my friend invited me to crochet hats for charity.  This got me back into crocheting hats, blankets, slippers, and scarves, and then in time I ventured into other projects especially Amigurumi/Stuffed Toys.  

I find crocheting a fun pastime that I can fit into a busy day, sometimes I do it for an hour, and other times I can do it all day.  When I am doing it though I need to focus to count the rows, however I often got interrupted by my husband which caused me to lose count and make me to have to recount again and again.  I tried many different counting devices but I was never satisfied on how they worked.   

So, out of "frustration" I decided to create my own device. I call it the “Accurow”.  I like it because the Accurow device is embedded right in my project, is very lightweight, fits naturally between the yarn, serves as my track stitch and keeps track of the rows no matter how often I get interrupted.   To fit any person or project I made three different sizes which accounts for most different tension, yarn and hook size.  

I find using the Accurow saves me time, frustration, and helps me finish my project correctly.  I also work on multiple projects simultaneously and so I use a different Accurow device in each project so I can keep track of rows no matter when I return to it.  With the Accurow I have confidence that I will never lose my count again! 

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